N-Word E-volved

I was online looking up the n-word, “nigger” in this case. Was feeling lazy ,so I wanted to know what was the least I could do to avoid fulfilling the stereotype. I already look the part.

I notice the definition has changed. Languages evolve, at the speed of meme nowadays, but didn’t we bury this? Of course not, its a word! That ceremony was as false as dating a latina swimsuit model for her knowledge of Aztec architecture. The n-word’s death was faked, thankfully it didn’t rise from the grave!

"Grrrr ... Chitlins!"

“Nigger. Noun. A slovenly, selfish, shiftless and lazy person of ill repute. Colloquial pejorative designating one of African-American ancestry.”

This is what I was taught by either my father, Chuck D of Public Enemy or Mrs. Conahan (Hi!) my sixth grade teacher. I get them mixed up. Point is, the slur’s association with my s0-called race was secondary.

Reasonably anyone could be a nigger; and that’s how it was casually used. “These Chinese-niggas only gave me two soy sauces?” Or, “Them Republican niggas needs to present a more flexible fiscal plan.” Former oppressive label now applicable as a synonym for the niggardly “Them”.

Now, google “define:nigger”. Don’t worry you’re only typing it, not saying it. Fine! Copy/paste! Regardless, here’s what you find:

1. (ethnic slur) extremely offensive name for a Black person.

WTF! OMG! OMBJADITBOD79 !!!!! [Oh my Black Jesus as described in the Book of Daniel 7:9 !!!!!]

This definition is not a character description. Not a category. Not a label. It’s a NAME – like John or Lebron!

The racist usage is now the main inheritor of our own four hundred years rotten anger and sadness. Those stingy eastern bastards at #1 Golden Jade Palace Garden … Fung restaurant CAN’T be niggers now, nor can any member of any other race that may fully deserve the old description.

Now if you’re called a nigger you don’t even have to check your behavior, just your identity. Are you Black? Yep. Proceed to assault the offender if they aren’t, or promise to if they’re behind bulletproof glass, or stop going to that particular church!

Don’t try to console me by pronouncing an “ah” sound in place of the “-er”!

That’s just an excuse ni-GAHs made up!


One Response to “N-Word E-volved”

  1. […] a nerd, so I can talk about them much the same way I can talk about Black people. I can talk about Niggas too, even though I’m not one, but politically CORRECT RACISM says Black/Nigger is a […]

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