Pretty Pompous

Annoyingly, pretty people have a natural advantage in the world. Beauty is only skin deep but skin can be a picture worth a thousand words. Parts of Kim Kardashian’s back skin could inspire tens of thousands and ably serve as a bookshelf.

It’s not their fault that they stir lusty feelings or are nice to look upon. It’s not to their credit either being a cocktail of favorable genes. They often overstep their place, as most of us might do once in the limelight. Its most irritating when beautiful people try to do what they really shouldn’t – express themselves.

Ayn Rand blew kisses to her fans too.

Yeah, I know. Our standards of “pretty” are lowering as well as our literary tastes. In fairness, I haven’t read A Shore Thing – I don’t even believe Polizzi penned the puny pun title. If this great authoress can write a … ugh … New York Times best seller, then she can surely read comedic cue cards and perform in her native medium of television, right?

WRONG! “The Italian Kim Kardashian” – the wittiest thing Snooki ever burped – doesn’t need to waste trees to be a fool on a talk show! If you’re not noted for what you say or write, shut up. If you’re known for being stupid, be embarrassment-to-your-ethnicity-and-generation STUPID! Your “career” is being laughed AT! You are one of our Them mentioned on my blog’s banner! The mood I sound like I’m in is what animosity means!

To forestall accusations of sexism, I’m sure The Situation’s book was equally vacuous. However, men aren’t valued for their looks as much as women I point out with UNENDING gratitude to you ladies!  My personal situation: disturbing.

I wonder why they can’t all be as lovely AND classy as Olivia Munn?


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