Clearly Crap


Has something wonderful ever come out of an ASSHOLE? What about a fat one that smells like cigars and meat sweats? The same crap-cannon that represents conservative as crazy, making the left the morally right? What about one that makes MILLIONS by blasting biased BULLSHIT like torrents from hoses in the 60’s south?


Mr. Limbaugh has fundraisers for Leukemia and Lymphoma research – for curing them, not causing it in minorities. He also has done good things for the soldiers and their families. He encourages the wars that employ them, for one.

He’s not a monster. He’s a very loud PERFORMER that successfully pisses off millions. When dummies like YOU believe him, that’s when there’s a problem, like when he accuses Michelle Obama of being as false as he is.

Does the First Lady look like a swimsuit model? Not really. Compared to other first ladies, HELL YES! Is she a hypocrite? No. Her Let’s Move campaign encourages parents to keep kids from becoming fat. Her kids aren’t fat. Not a hypocrite.

Show a pic of Rush rushing for anything but drugs and win a TAX BREAK!


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