Wrist Watches?

DON’T forget to Spring forward! You’ll just have to fall back in 6 MONTHS! All so farmers can grow our stupid genetically-enhanced food. Do our crops still NEED sunlight? I think I saw a documentary about McNugget trees and french fry bushes not needing light.

My cell phone, which I use for an alarm clock, my laptop and desk top automatically adjust. I caught the glint of my wrist watch and went to reset it. I FORGOT to fallback last fall, so it was on point. It read 7:23, so the hour and minute hand formed a little frown on the obsolete time piece. Literally every tool I use tells me the time too.

I’m not  a rapper; my watch is NOT a convenient platform for the ice I rock; it’s blinding blingness keeping me from reading the face, as though a Li’l Wayne COULD read analog. I don’t roll with an entourage including a former crack hopper whose new job is to tell me what time it is.

Where I an M.C., I’d have a PLATINUM forearm bracer studded with jewels that make the shape of a sword-like microphone. As Dominus M.C., my gimmick would be being partially armored like a blinged Roman Praetorian. Not Gaga over the top though. I’d be “the rhyme warrior”.

“Destroyin’ ya,

bow to the Praetoria,

takin’ out impostas …

wit my syllabic SPATHA!”

Yeah, FUCK wrist watches.


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