Pesos for Putas

Asking the HOOKERS you hire personal questions on camera doesn’t make you a documentary maker – especially if you DON’T SPEAK THEIR LANGUAGE!

You may have seen Brent Owen’s documentary Hookers at the Point, which candidly interviews street walkers about their dangerous, illicit business. It’s a touching look into the depressing lives of these struggling women that is widely referenced by educators and social advocates.

Jamel Shariff has “uncovered” and recorded an ill-informed and poorly executed INFOMERCIAL for Dominican prostitutes. No need to watch all 42 mins. – I’ve given you “highlights” below:

1:25 OK, so it’s the white foreigners that prey on these girls, but not you. You do know that “gringo” probably refers to you AND that you’re being being set up for an AMBUSH, right? The camera you’re using alone could fetch a month of menage-a-trois (or whatever the Spanish version of that is).

3:55 Sound quality is important for talking. This lady’s story could be heart-breaking. Too bad no one can hear it because of the AIR CONDITIONER. The plight of the poor Dominican chica goes, “HHHHHRRUUUUUUUUUUUUM!”

8:00 So this thick beauty casually supports a nice 4 bedroom apartment for herself, her son and her live-in cook? Oh the WHORE-OR! Really not representing the poverty angle that well, Jamel. Also, 10:20, could you exploit the poor sex worker a little less? Hope she paid YOU for the ad time.

17:35 Our narrator buys a hooker so we can understand how a brothel operates. Thanks! Money for pussy wasn’t CLEAR enough to me. Admirably, he refuses to support such a dehumanizing lifestyle.

Why isn’t Jamel in the next scene?

20:30 Yeah, she like you. Gettin’ sprung on a hooker is all kinds of WRONG. Lookin’ in her eyes saying he might treat her like a queen. I don’t understand Spanish, but I believe she’s saying, “Papi, I can’t fucking understand you. So, you want ass or not? $10 or a chalupa, por favor mi amor.”

35:40 Claudio the pimp finally gets to the morale of the story, cause even he’s sick of this shit. In summary: “Pesos RULE e’berry t’ing ’round me, mah niggah.” Real-talk, verdad, after 35 minutes of brown booty showcase.

How educational. To learn more, google “puta” under the video tab with the Safe-search off.


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