All about the Paper

The more things change, the more they STAY CHANGED.

Jesse Jackson Jr. addressed the unemployment crisis on Friday including comments saying the Apple iPad is “probably responsible for eliminating thousands of jobs.”  His speech was broadcast on CSPAN, which has cost many news illustrators their jobs by sending audio and video information to viewers by live digital signal. WHAT HATH THINE ACCURSED TECHNOLOGY WROUGHT?!

Please, pardon my fuckin’ language. Really, I’m disappointed the Illinois congressman didn’t speak with the poetic eloquence of the esteemed Reverend Jackson.

That’s better.

Jackson further mentioned the bankruptcy of Borders Books as being tied to the availability of downloadable texts. When Adobe Reader first came out I know I burned all of my books. Now I see the LIGHT – besides that bonfire. I’m inspired to print out a newsletter version of this blog to be mailed to you readers by U.S. Postal Service. Look for Laughing at Trees in your Sunday editions.

My Caribbean immigrant grandfather came to Detroit in the early 1940’s to work the Ford assembly line. Seventy years later, I drive a Honda Accord. You can’t spell globalization without BALLIN’.

If his memory ever bothered me, I’d use the money I save in gas mileage and repairs to buy good ole American-manufactured PROZAC.


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