Mr. Madea

Chitlins are shitty. With hot sauce, spices, onions and peppers, chitlins are tasty I’m told. Good. PLEASE enjoy my share of PIG BOWELS too.

The same attitude I have for Tyler Perry’s Chitlin Circuit movies, but I’ve actually sampled them. They’re funny in with their exaggerated characters and comforting to some with cliche lessons, but as mentally nutritious as an all-Muppet version of Roots.

If this was a Tyler Perry blog, I’d never risk confusing you, my simple audience, with such an uppity comparison. I’d be talking about how fancy Black folk have the nerve to say what WE poor folk love is wrong. Now and Laters are bad for us, but we love’em. We have the RIGHT to rot our own teeth out! Chewin’ is fo’ da WHITE man any-ha!

Perry makes movies as though thinking is a non-Black activity. Unoriginal characters of neo-blaxploitation dressed in contemporary costumes of Sean John and Phat Farm. This single mother is afraid to love again. That successful brother is gay, a wife-beater or beats his wife for wondering if he’s gay. Have faith my sister, for Jesus saves – until he does, BOIL THEM GRITS, GURL!

Cinema Chitlin Artist

Spike Lee makes movies about Black people so touching and insightful he must be a SELL OUT. Mr. Lee has compared Tyler’s work to Amos ‘n Andy and other buffoon coonery depictions simply because that’s Tyler’s specialty.

The response from Perry was “Spike can go straight to hell!” He then put on a dress, glasses and cocked a pistol before stomping off to Brooklyn in search of Lee. “Ah ain’ gots no for-tee ay-crahs fo’ yer, but you can take deese BOOL-lits foe yoe li’l ass, Spike!”

OK, I wrote that Madea line, and admire the creativity it takes to break English so ridiculously. Where’s MY NAACP Image Award?

Perry told Box Office Magazine : “I’ve never seen Jewish people attack Seinfeld and say “this is a stereotype,” I’ve never seen Italian people attack The Sopranos, I’ve never seen Jewish people complaining about Mrs. Doubtfire or Dustin Hoffman in Tootsie.”

Seinfeld was funny WITHOUT being stereotypical. The Sopranos WAS controversial to Italians, but also an excellent series. Neither Robin Williams nor Dustin Hoffman have made SIX transvestite movies IN A ROW! You can’t compare yourself to them YOU THE BLACK GEORGE LUCAS AT BEST!


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