Citizen Trump

Donald Trump is the FLAVOR FLAV of rich White men. If we found out that he still owns African slaves, I wouldn’t be surprised.

He must sit eating his lunch of seared prime rib from cattle  spliced with his own superior DNA at his ivory desk while ordering businesses to lay off workers, whom will then FAIL to pay him rent on their homes. The mogul is monitoring the situation in Egypt so he can place a bid on the pyramids and give the Sphinx a much needed boob job.

Appealing to poor White folks as the “self-made” man, Trump is contemplating running for President. What many supporters may NOT realize is that Donald went to the prestigious Wharton School of Business on tuition paid by his rich real estate tycoon daddy who gave him a job when he graduated.  In this use of “self-made”, “self” means “father”. Sarah Palin is more GENUINE and SELF-MADE.

“Contemplating” means waiting to announce at the season finale of his otherwise lackluster TV show to boost ratings. GARY BUSEY can see that. Government should be run like a business? RIGHT! We all know how corporations protect and defend the rights of their employees and the common good.

A student of the Charlie Sheen school of public relations, Donald Trump is now saying all kinds of crazy shit in the media. Wondering whether Obama was born here, urging plundering  for oil, harassing double-dealing Jews: the normal Republican ideas on how to help our nation and society. I suspect he’s out to help his own Scrooge McDuck style money pile.

When he decides to run, how much do you think Huckabee or Bachmann will pay for him to drop out and give his endorsement to them? Enough to ski down a hill of gold coins? Enough for the down payment on his next wife? Enough to pay NBC for another season of Celebrity Apprentice?

I’ll chip in WHATEVER it takes to prevent a Trump White House.


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