I would say sayo-nara to Osama bin Laden, but that means “GOOD bye.”

How do you say in Japanese: may the burning of Hell come from infections you catch from the seventy-two hundred pig-demon rapists whom will enjoy your boney li’l booty FOREVER?

May his family that supported him change their ways and names in shame. Let them receive a fish wrapped in a turban. A Sicilian message: Papa sleeps with the fishes. They’ll probably just eat it, so make it a dirty bottom feeder – like Papa.

Don’t the bin Ladens own millions in real estate? Mansions, compounds and caves? Location, location, location! If you have global connections, and are being chased by the largest military force in history, why settle in a place called “About-to-be-BAD”?

One civilian casualty too much for me. I’d wait until he was getting out of the shower and hears a high buzzing. Red, white and blue remote control plane with small explosive tip to the soggy chest hair – POP! As he’s doubled over reeling, another plane’s shadow is seen coming around. A second napalm-packed toy plane rams into the above mentioned ass – BAP! SPLOOSH! SIZZLE! O-smokey black Bacon.

Let his surviving followers argue about what type of headstone to give’em for another ten years.


One Response to “Osama-Nara”

  1. […] Bin Laden is dead; and these three days of relative safety were so tranquil. Now, the new threat to our lives: CHAIRS. Drug abuse, poor diet, stress and now resting upon you buttocks, an act known on the streets as “sitting”, will KILL you. Sitting Bull: Dead […]

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