Minaj Barrage

Nicki Minaj is the most popular female lyricist because she’s got the most diverse marketing. She’s a collage of what works. Ass by Kardashian – so, injection. Rhyming rhythm by Li’l Kim – therefore, B.I.G. Style by Lady Gaga on a kindergarten level and Willow Smith on acid.

Minaj even has Gaga’s NOSE; know doubt to spite her race. Plastic surgery is one area Kim still has her beat – wouldn’t call it a WIN though.

What the FUCK is with the whole schizophrenic Barbie gimmick? Ironic self-objectification, from an “artist” that doesn’t understand ideas like ironic self-objectification? A silly appearance to appeal to little girls and help them make the wrong adolescent transition into superficial SLUT-hood. Hmm. Guess I answered my own question.

Her lyrics?

I’m so tired of those one word similes.

A bunch of lines without real meaning: Nicki’s.

See, a lot of slick spit deceives ya

Bow! Bip! : Onomatopoeia

Some just like her cause they think she’s all we have for lyrical ladies. Two female rhymers worthy of respect: Rah Digga and Jean Grae. Let these two share a quarter of Nicki’s hype and we’ll  be blessed to never hear that gibbering Li’l Kim/Busta Rhymes half-breed flow again.


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