Schwartzenegger Please!

Politicians and professional athletes are two jobs that share a common occupational hazard: FATHERHOOD. Arnold Schwartzenegger was a womanizing athlete, movie star and politician so the odds of him having a love child are one in every woman within reach.

His twenty-year housekeeper, Mildred Baena, didn’t stand a chance. She had that sexy Spanish accent and folded his underwear Nazi-style, da vay Mama use do. The ex-Govinator could’nt deny the boy because of the STRONG resemblance.

Not the Baena boy. Still, COULD be Arnold's too.

The reason for the split with Shriver becomes clearer now. Maria starved herself, got botox, some surgery and worked out just to have former Mr. Universe pump ironing lady. All the criticism Schwartzenegger had for President Clinton, yet they share a taste in mistresses: dark-haired employees. No latina beauty like Sofia Vergara, but at least she doesn’t look like one of Arnold’s oldest enemies.

I’m sorry. Neither ladies deserve that. For such a major macho star movie EXTRAS take on another purpose. Given the rumors and his fame, it was only a matter of time before he came in out.

This is just proof of the hypocrisy in conservative values. Arnold has millions, but won’t spend a little from the budget for a call girl? There must be thousands of high class prostitutes in California, yet he turns to outsourced Guatemalan ass. To be fair, English isn’t his first language. This is not what is meant by HEAVILY POLING the immigrant community.

Couldn’t this be avoided? Aren’t steroids supposed to REDUCE fertility? Somebody must’ve mixed their bull hormones with bull Viagra. Four kids and a spare: forget protected sex, he obviously likes the Raw Deal.


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