There’s Something about Tracy

The Pope has downplayed VERY IMMORAL acts happening in HIS church, yet he is the most followed moral leader on Earth. As a performer, Tracy Morgan is NOTHING like the Pope in reputation, occupation, fashion style or MORALITY. Yet, people wish to hold him to the same standard? I’m NOT GLAAD about that.

Here’s how performance, including COMEDY, works. Performers present themselves in a false or exaggerated way that creates ENTERTAINMENT. Anthony Hopkins is NOT an ingenious cannibal serial killer. Josh Brolin is NOT a murderer evading capture (referring his True Grit role, not his role in W.)  Tracy Morgan is NOT going to STAB a GAY kid in the neck … unless he believes the boy is a zombie!

I know because he said it on STAGE and most people in the audience laughed. This DOES NOT mean everybody that laughed endorses violence on gays. It means that they saw the EXAGGERATED ABSURDITY in what Tracy said about a topic that DOESN’T effect them. You won’t find a Pride Parade in that town, but since a gay blogger lives there it’s not a queer CONCENTRATION CAMP. He’s free to enjoy Tennessee dry penis rub.

Now, Tracy is in trouble for comments about “retarded boys”. No one gets upset when he says NIGGA – because Tracy IS one. These critics FAIL to understand that Morgan can speak on the mentally disabled because his CHARACTER is an IDIOT. What retards.

Do they think he’s an education specialist or pediatrician? Watch this clip of his stand up and tell me Tracy Morgan is a ROLE MODEL to be taken seriously. I got REAL news to read (Rihanna wore a BIKINI on stage!)


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  1. Boom shakalaka boom boom, poblrem solved.

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