The Case of Casey

There is GREAT news for sociopath mothers in Florida! All you need to do is “lose” your kid for 31 days, mention a Latina that has never met your child and NO ONE will be able to reasonably pin the murder on you. Even if you’re found guilty of LYING, they’ll believe you when you say, “My baby? Hmmm … dunno how she got murdered.” Its frustrating that there’s NO way to blame Jeb Bush for this.

Casey Anthony was SHOCKINGLY found not guilty of killing her daughter Caylee. Shocking is too strong a word since Paris is to art what Florida is to PARENTAL NEGLECT. They’ve taken the stance California has taken towards weed smoking: since enough people do it illegally, might as well legalize it.

There’s been much outrage, but young White mothers aren’t celebrating the way Blacks did for OJ. Isn’t this a vindication for ALL the oppression children have INFLICTED on young attractive mothers? With the responsibility of raising a small child, how’s a girl supposed to get breast exams from DOUCHEBAGS?

… guess it’s not so hard.

It’s more likely the young White women aren’t celebrating because they have JOBS to go to, unlike Blacks. [preceding written by an unemployed Black man]

There’s no comparison between Casey and O.J. in terms of GUILTITUDE. O.J.’s acquittal was debatable. Nicole Simpson and Ron Goldman were adults with lives FULL of friends, family and psychotically jealous ex-husbands, anyone of whom could’ve killed them.

50% of a toddler’s life is spent with her murderer … I meant “her mother”.  The missing 50% is Mommy’s clubbin’ time. If it was legal in the state of Florida to bring babies into bars, less children would PERISH. I BLAME  … former Florida Governor JEB BUSH!

That felt good.


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