Googling your Face in Plusbook

“I can just EMAIL things to my friends! WHY join this?!!”

This was my objection to Facebook 4 years ago. Now, you’re likely reading this on your Feed as one of my six hundred and twelve Friends, which I count as actual  UNITS of SELF ESTEEM. I’m firmly in Zuckerberg’s stable of 750 million http-hoes, BUT now Google+ is trying to SEDUCE me away. Pretty Mark ain’t phased by Goldie Google’s advances though.

I’m a social mediadore of EXCEEDINGLY snobbish tastes. I avoided that whole Myspace fad. My space? On your website with your ads? Smells like a business trying to profit from MY entertaining life and its content!

I’m an INDEPENDENT artist! Laughing at Them (L@T) IS my space and is connected to my L@T Facebook page, L@T Twitter and L@T Youtube Channel in an EQUAL partnership with those sites – although not according to THEIR terms of service.

I’m a Google user. I use it as my homepage and have Gmail. I will be PROUD when my grandchildren are pre-enlisted in the Google Imperial Military as the ONLY way to get into preschool.

Its a familiar friend that knows me SO well. I type the letters c, u, r and v in the search bar and it asks “Do you mean curvy young Italian nun missionaries being fucked by bow-legged African witch doctors?”

I do.

Google+ … I’m not sure about. I’ve watched the introductory video and felt the strong calloused hands of marketing MASSAGING up the thighs of my mind. I’m still cynically dry.

It’s main selling point is apparently SEGREGATION. You click drag your contacts – NOT Friends – into circles you assign categories. It’s supposed to be free, but how much would you pay to keep ME from learning I’m in your “Assholes” Circle?

Can you APOLOGIZE to me face to face in their video chat room Hangout?

Will you realize the irony of Spark as I ignite the gas lines I CUT in your house?


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