Laughing WITH Eric Thomas

Imagine a GLADIATOR.  Mentally, put his outfit back on. Replace his armor with confidence, skill or DRUGS. Replace the other warrior, wild beast or poor Christian with whatever PISSES OFF people … or them. Replace his DEADLY weapons with FUNNY words. This is a STAND UP COMIC.

I have been honored to share the stage with some brave warriors, both emotionally-scarred veterans and attention-thirsty new jacks. Being in the latter class, it’s been a GREAT 5 months so far – despite some hard thumbs downs from Caesar (the audience).

Today, I was featured on the Eric Thomas podcast. A veteran radio raconteur friend I’ve made in my quest for fans, followers and safely shy stalkers. We discuss GooglePlus, the Detroit comedy scene and my own personal story of REJECTION to REDEMPTION to mediocrity this past weekend.

Enjoy the laughs and the sound of his hair thinning.

Eric is funny and gives a loving home to hibernating rodents


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