Murdoch: Fox & Felonies

I officially forgive Woody Allen for being a bespectacled OLD CREEP just because he raised his wife. Rupert Murdoch has successfully taken the title given the News of the World hacking scandal and has joined the ranks of Alan Greenspan in the category of Threats to Society. Although I can not link the old Australian Media Imperialist to production of the movie Lightning Jack, I will blame him for NOT preventing it.

Murdoch has stayed under my radar by balancing the GROSS propaganda of Fox News with the AWESOME of many FOX Entertainment and FX shows. Family Guy forgave him for Hannity; The Shield sheilded him for hiring Bill O’Reilly. Glenn Beck: inexcusable; but the Cobra Commander of tabloid journalism, Murdoch kept a low profile.

Now we see he values the RIGHT to privacy as much as he does journalistic integrity, which is to say LESS than USED toilet paper. Of course, he’s playing the age card. He can’t recall any notification of the hacking but is still sharp enough to blame his underlings. Not surprising, the 80 year old may still believe the penalty under British law to be BEHEADING. Not so, but a withered cabbage on a spike would look the same as his head.


I’m wondering what DIRT he may have on celebrities this side of the Atlantic, given how lots of Conservative politicians hang around FOX News like slaves around a plantation. Does he have the birth video of Bristol Palin delivering her “brother” Trig?  What about a photo of Mike Huckabee vomiting after a dinner to keep his wait down? Is there a picture of Michelle Bachmann “consummating” her marriage to Marcus with a crucifix-shaped dildo?

Millions can only hope.


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