Blacks: Born Bad?

Black people do bad things, like everyone else, but FEW groups get as much NEGATIVE press as we do. Middle-Easterners murder for Allah; brothers TAKE LIFE cause it’s Tuesday and the bullets are about to expire. Some Black men are MUSLIM … I’ll pause while you change your pants, sorry for the SCARE.

Over the weekend a CBS station in Chicago – that OASIS of brotherly love – made a little boy seem like a KILLER in the making!

Chi-Town is so RACIST the head of the NAACP is Italian? Actually, he’s Obaman (light skinned) and is “disturbed” by this. I’m a little darker than him, so I’m PISSED!

WBBM is caught red handed but they are far from the only ones. We know Antoine Dodson because he was an entertaining Negro news ratings maker. His effeminate air over shadowed the real problem that his sister was nearly RAPED. Was that guy caught ? Is their community safe? Don’t give a FUCK, but Toine was real funny on Tosh 2.0!

I wouldn’t be shocked if this boy gets his video chopped and screwed into a viral parody GANGSTA RAP meme. Which may then haunt him for the next twenty years – cause embarrassment NEVER dies on the internet –  and prevent him from becoming a policeman. Assuming his teenage years don’t include a racial profiling run in with the cops that sours him to the idea.

He SHOULD become a lawyer. The NAACP is FULL of them. He’ll be meeting some SOON.


2 Responses to “Blacks: Born Bad?”

  1. Being a bear, I cant comment on the racial issue, only the broader picture as I see it.

    Any instance of exploiting children for tragedy is worthy of contempt. The remote crew on that story should be in line for serious punitive measures. The 4 yr old should not have been on the air in the first place.

    Dodson’s story blew up some because backwater hick + flamboyant gay = a compounding of comedy gold, it went super viral because he’d been auto-tuned by an already popular internet group, the Gregory Brothers (aka shmoyoho).

    Nothing here for this kid is viral. Assuming it would be the next step isn’t gangster, but perhaps a dubstep remix, he can then follow up by going the zombie kid/David after dentist route by selling shirts off their site (proceeds to pay for future therapy).

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