For Otis?

I’ve been HOTLY anticipating the release of Jay-Z and Kanye’s album Throne Day since I first learned what it was an hour ago. This is the track Otis from the album. It’s supposed to be a “tribute” to classic Soul singer Otis Redding – whom was fond of big face Rollies and MURKIN’ ya.

Redding was singing about making a relationship WORK with true FEELING that let’s you know it’s coming from a real place. Here, most of Otis’ vocals are looped into a sort of digital scat until the refrain “Squeeze her, Don’t tease her, Never leave her” .

The only references to women is Jay-Z puttin’ supermodels in a cab. Never leave her, but I think Beyonce is glad she left.

Kanye’s got ladies in the house showin’ off. That’s true. His ex, Amber Rose, has been showing off a lot: ass, legs, boobs, SCALP. At least Kanye keep’s it real, ‘it real’ not being Amber.

The theme of the track is they’re rich enough to do whatever they want then escape in a G450 private jet! Jay’s got five passports, he’s never going to jail. Actually, PLEA BARGAINING has helped him MORE in the past than evading extradition.

Kanye at 2:14, “Can’t you see the private jets flying over you?” Jets like planes? A plane like the one that crashed in 1967 KILLING KING of SOUL OTIS REDDING!?

I’d like to thank them for finally giving public recognition to Redding by sampling one of his classics Try A Little Tenderness. Rock ‘n’ Roll Hall of Fame, Lifetime Achievement Grammy, statue and memorial bridge; all meaningless until two of Hip Hop’s biggest names leech off your creativity.

Otis, you’ve FINALLY made it!


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