Herman Cain the Pot calls the Kettle Racist

I don’t like Herman Cain. Not because he’s Black. Many of my best friends are Black – for example BOTH my parents.

Cain cries about “racist liberals”. There’s been talk of Jon Stewart doing a stereotypical sambo impression of Herman using his Jew Humor powers. If you do a spot on impersonation of this candidate, and it comes off as an idiot with a southern accent, I gotta say MISSION ACCOMPLISHED.

What’s typical about Cain is racial hypocrisy. Let’s not forget that he was the president of Godfather Pizza. Michael Corleone owned casinos with restaurants, but in three movies the Don NEVER made a deep dish Meat-Lovers with extra cheese!

Nintendo’s Mario and Luigi were plumbers. Cain would open Mario Brothers Gynecology Clinic.

A gown-wearing woman lies with her legs in stirrups. Mario jumps on the table *Ha Ha* then stands on her vagina. “Here we go!” he says as he sinks into it with the drain going *glug-glug-glug*. Mario enters a dark pink cave. He jumps on little yellow yeast gumbas, earning coins to raise her co-pay (Cain is a conservative).

The final boss is a giant Human Papillomavirus spiting warts at our hero.

This is his solution to healthcare.


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