What a Bitchy View

I enjoy comedy. I like competition. I LOVE pretty fools trying to act smart.

So, I was ENGORGED with DELIGHT after watching this clip from yesterday’s episode of The View when Liz Hasselbeck ambushed Bill Maher.

Veteran political commentator stand up comic versus former reality show contestant turned Fox News Anchor wannabe: WHO WILL WIN?

Let’s check the game-tape and pause at the time marks.

(0:17) I dig the new set design – no homo.

(0:26) What?! No hugs or handshakes? Either they know somethin’s  goin’ down or all the ladies have the same cycle – although only two still have cycles.

(:45) *guy greeting* Hey, how you doin?

*shrill female reply* You KNOW how I’m doing.

*balls retract in reflex* Bill actually leans forward to make room under his bladder.

(1:18) Maher gets the crowd on his side, Stand Up 101. Sincere? Maybe. Shrewd? DEFINITELY.  Liz has to wait after the applause die to strike. It’s already an uphill battle for her.

(2:09) So … Liz is “defending” women … by bringing up an obscure joke … from a YEAR and a HALF ago …  that makes fun of her. Yeah, this isn’t personal.

(2:20) Wasn’t that funny? Well … it JUST GOT A LAUGH!

(3:00) Barbara prompted Joy to explain comedy to the Liz. Her own team is against her. Sherri just glad she don’t have to talk.

(3:26) Bill answers honestly and doesn’t need to say “BITCH, if you could understand a joke I prolly wouldn’t have cracked on ya!” A subtle subtext.

(3:40) Since Liz works with Whoopi and Joy, she knows funny. One of them should have told her that the least funny jokes are jokes about you – IF you’re bein’ a CUNT.

(3:56) Bill wins back the fun mood by joking on the situation but Liz brings it back down again with her yammering. If you can’t win with home field advantage, you REALLY suck – ask the Detroit Lions.

(4:12) “I’m not [hurt] Billy.” *from the pit of my stomach* Ugh!

(5:16) Republicans aren’t dumb. Like you’re so smart! Whatevs … ANYWAY! How old are you? You’re like … SO old!

(5:27) Whoopi’s done with this shit and so are we. Notice she winked at Bill. Somebody’s gettin’ some prune danish after the show 😉

[Bloggers Note: No blondes were hurt in the recording of this clip. She hurt herself]


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