Questions of Race

Even though I present a hardcore thuggish swag, I have friends of many backgrounds.


Of course many are White – they’re everywhere.  Many are comics trying to gauge racial sensitivity. Some have asked me, “How can I use … the N-word … around Black people … and NOT offend them?”

I … don’t think … you can. If I had to guess, … I’d say … QUIETLY!

We listenin’

I gave it more thought. There is one situation where this can be done:

IF …

… you caught your stepmother …

ORALLY gratifying a young Black man …

in the back of a NEW Navigator …

that she BOUGHT him …

with the insurance money …

from your Dad’s DEATH

DURING his wake!

You can SCREAM “nigger”!

If …

SHE’S Black …

Ain’t no Claire Huxtable

… and the stereo is bumpin’ SO loud they CAN’T hear you.

Play it safe – call her a C-word.


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