L@T Show #1 Paradise Pie

Long time master debaters @Digg_Johnson and @Ron_Marshall riff about a crazy variety of topics:

The Walking Dead vs Gilligan’s Island. Dead TV Series. Miniature Fried Chicken. Poop Bench vs Shit Ottoman. Girl Talk

Download l@tpod1

Theme Song uses Snakez by The Hate Noise


3 Responses to “L@T Show #1 Paradise Pie”

  1. Women For Marriage…

    […]L@T Show #1 – Paradise Pie « Laughing @ Them[…]…

  2. Noble Bear Says:

    I can totally take Ron in a competition of vocalized enthusiasm.

    To hear ppl in San Francisco talk, south IS the opposite of west.

    No one gives a fuck if any Final Destination is spoiled.

    Fellatio AND/OR cunnilingus?? do you have sex with hermaphrodites often? šŸ˜‰

    Lost and every post apocalypse is made better with Gilligan.

    Very fun show.

  3. My business with hermaphs IS NOT yours!

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