L@T Show #3 Fat Chat

This show wasn’t recorded on empty stomachs, but do we NEED a reason to talk about grub? NAW!

Ron – @Ron_Marshall – talks about his fry skills YET can’t even describe the taste of paprika! I – @Digg_Johnson – TRY to teach him the difference between browning and BURNING chicken. I explain the simple deliciousness of New York style pizza BUT Mr. Chicken calls me a pansy for not choosing Chicago style GARLIC PIZZA CAKE. “This all you can eat fish is nearly RAW. Hm, I’ll just have THREE SERVINGS!” Ron thought to himself. To learn from his mistake, we present our Dealing with Diarrhea Seminar.

Download –> L@T Show #3 – Fat Chat

Fried Chicken recipes and business advice available at RonMarshallJr.com

Digg will be appearing at New Way Bar Comedy Night every Monday at 9pm.

Thursdays at 10pm I’m usually at O’Mara’s Irish Pub Comedy Night.

April 21st performing Wonderland Lanes Comedy Night.

April 28th I’ll be at Mad World Radio Acoustics and Absurdity Show.

Music by The Hate Noise.


2 Responses to “L@T Show #3 Fat Chat”

  1. Nicole M Says:

    The sound was nicer on this one, for me. More level and clean, easier to listen to.

    Yum, garlic.

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