L@T Show #4 Things Get Gulley

The orgy’s about to BEGIN!

Gully: adjective; Rough and Rugged, Unpolished and Hardcore.

Digg (@Digg_Johnson) is joined by fellow stand up doer Matt Gulley (@GulleyOfOne) and his brother Rob (who disavows participating in this). After establishing a comfortable level of sexism and racial prejudice, we discuss our beginnings in comedy. Matt and I compare the difference between bars and clubs – bar crowds are more mob than audience. Should hecklers be ignored or used to ignite the audience? High School orgies and proper train etiquette are discussed, of course. Ferndale is the less douche bag Royal Oak.

Download –> L@T #4 Things Get Gulley

I host Laughing at Them Comedy Night every Monday at New Way Bar.

I’ll be appearing at Mark Ridley’s Comedy Castle Wednesday April 18th at 8pm.

Enjoy some Irish food and watch me at O’Mara’s Comedy Night Thursday April 19th at 9pm.

Bowl a few frames then listen to my insane ideas at Wonderland Lanes Comedy Night Saturday April 21st.

Music by The Hate Noise


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