L@T Show #5 Work Worries

Not as bad as HOT plastic, but close.

Samantha, Ron and Digg swap job HORROR stories and downers of the daily grind.

The best way to sell lotion is with HANDJOBS apparently. I’ve never had to do that. Its not in my job description, but sometimes I have to determine co-worker PREGNANCY.

Manufacturing is a MUTHAFUCKA. Ron’s box making is nothing compared to my time on the plastic plantation. Toys AREN’T your friend!

Ron preaches COMMUNISM as an entrepreneur. He’d rather work for gruel as a cobbler’s slave?

CRUSHIN’ co-workers and other pitfalls of the office romance. Customer service ain’t FLIRTIN‘!

Download Link –> L@T Show #5 Work Worries

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Ron is into career development, so you can avoid jobs like these. Check out his site.

See me and Sam at the L@T Comedy Night Ferndale, Mi April 23 9pm.

Comedy at the Crofoot in Pontiac, Mi April 27 9pm.

Acoustics & Absurdity Show Detroit, Mi April 28 9pm.

Music on this show provided by The Hate Noise.


2 Responses to “L@T Show #5 Work Worries”

  1. Nicole M Says:

    Sound quality was nice on this one again. Nice to hear Ron! I do have to side with Digg on the “wage slave” issue. I love you anyway, Ron, and I’ll always be on Team Garlic.

    Speaking as someone pulling a salary for 40-50 hours a week, sure beats getting room, board, and two gently used suits of clothing a year for being on call all day every day. With no protections if my “master” wished to dismiss me.

    Then again, I don’t have dangly bits, so I don’t get a chance at the brass ring of apprenticeship. I get whoring, being a wife, or being a house servant.

    Yeah. I’ll take my salary, thanks.

    • 1. Get an avatar pic. I miss your face.
      2. Thanks for listening & please share
      3. Your great points wont sway Ron should gruel come in chicken flavor

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