L@T Show #7 We like Dumb Movies

Digg and Ron disagree on movies too.

Feedback from a G+ Troll. Why watch horror movies unless you hate teenagers? What was wrong with G.I. Joe? What’s your favorite movie? Which movie have you seen the most? Why the difference? George Baily was a suicidal punk, Robin Williams played a real hero. Blazing Saddles and the Mel Brooks Paradox?

Download –> L@T Show #7 We Like Dumb Movies

Music by The Hate Noise

Listen to this episode, or the nigger GETS IT!



One Response to “L@T Show #7 We like Dumb Movies”

  1. Nicole M Says:

    You misunderstand me on garlic- I have eaten and loved a spinach pizza that had minimal sauce, and diced garlic spread across it. I grate raw garlic into mashed potatoes. I bake garlic and spread the roasted garlic on toasted french bread. Yum, garlic.

    Ron is definitely more creepy than cuddly this episode. Teenager slaying wish-fulfillment. Hmmm…

    I get what you’re saying on GI Joe, but I watched it for Joseph Gordon-Levitt. I stopped watching the Transformer series for similar pointlessness, and lack of the redeeming quality of an attractive male with minimal clothing. Objectifying the opposite sex- so much fun.

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