Sensitive Spots

First heard of this on the #AfterBlack podcast.

There was this “scandal” about R&B singer Brian McKnight posting a Youtube video about a new project. He said he was releasing an “adult mixtape” with the first single being If You’re Ready to Learn. The chorus goes like this:

“Let me show you how your PUSSY WORKS, since you didn’t bring it to me FIRST.”

Very patronizing towards women – if you take it as an honest admission.

I LAUGHED MY ASS OFF. I recognized this for the joke it was instantly. McKnight, who’s been nominated for 16 Grammys, ISN’T going to insult his core audience! It’s SO ridiculous!

YET, there’s a grain truth in it that makes it slightly plausible. A guy saying he knows how to love a woman like no one else is a common R&B theme.

Exaggerated truth is the core of a punchline. The singer partnered with some comics and made a parody that fully develops the joke.

I’m not a woman, so I can’t feel the offense taken. To me, the joke was on Brian himself – it’s so stupid an idea.

As a Black person, I’ve been racially offended by some jokes I’ve heard. I imagine women see McKnight’s joke the way Black men might see Eminem making a rhyme titled Cracker Rich about the proper way to manager your money as a music millionaire.

I’d probably laugh at that too cause I’m NOT a rich nigga! Brian McKnight is – would he?


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