L@T Show #0 Digging into Digg

Its a nice change from celebrity interviews, a nobody interview.  Ron serves as host as we go Inside the Open Micer Studio with Digg Johnson.

Topics: No fame here! Chicken, corn, potatoes. Porky Pig’s ghetto adventures. Ron’s expensive pride. Eunuch Dungeon Master. Please die so we can see the other guy. Stand Up Embarrassment.

Download –> L@T Show #0 Digging into Digg

Plugs: Ron’s marketing and consulting site: RonMarshallJr.com

Every Monday 9pm Laughing at Monday @ New Way

June 6th Mark Ridley’s Comedy Castle, 8pm $3.

June 7th Ann Arbor Comedy Showcase, 8pm $5.

June 12th Joey’s Comedy Club, 8pm $5.

Music by The Hate Noise.


3 Responses to “L@T Show #0 Digging into Digg”

  1. Nicole M Says:

    I went to Vegas around May 21st, and finally got a chance to catch up with the podcast today! My heart gets all melty at you and Ron discussing D&D. Never before or since met a Dungeon Master like you or Erik.

    I’ve been banned from making garlic mashed potatoes in my house, because I exceed the maximum measure of garlic permissible- Loyd may be correct- my taste buds may be badly tuned.

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