L@T Show #13 Bad Tips for Good Health

Matt Gulley  and Erik Melin join Digg in a discussion of proper health over bourbon and cigarettes.

Topics: Exercise – Twittering on the iToilet. Sexual Health – Are you fit enough to be in a love scene with Marisa Tomei? Healthy Recipes – Bacon in Whiskey & Tear sauce. Genetic factors – Slavery did a Body Good. Global overview – There are too many Chinese anyway.

Download –> L@T Show #13 Bad Tips for Good Health

Plugs: Monday June 25th at Joey’s Comedy Club. Come at 8pm & pay $5 to see me.

June 28th Angel Busque Egg Roll Invitational Lupus Benefit at O’mara’s Irish Pub $5 cover

Laughing @ Monday at The New Way Bar every Monday at 9.

Music by The Hate Noise.


4 Responses to “L@T Show #13 Bad Tips for Good Health”

  1. Nicole M Says:

    I think I’m a 5 with a guy who is at least a 7, and he has healthy self-esteem. Just saying. I may get extra points for being a geek, though, at least with the handful of nerdly guys who like talking to the women they’re with.

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