L@T Show #15 Gettin’ Some Friendly Ankle

Ron teaches Digg the subtle art of enslaving yourself to women (not in the fun S&M way).


Download: L@T Show #15 Gettin Some Friendly Ankle

Topics: Belgium Prostitute-run Farms. Drunk off Chicken. Fruity Salad with Nuts. Foot Splintercourse. Hypothetically Hilarious: Super Sight vs. The Stupid Centipede (Tweet me your favorite). Comedy Break: “Dis Nigga”. Friend Dating = Fraiting.

August 9th Angel Busque Egg Roll Invitational Lupus Benefit at O’mara’s Irish Pub $5 cover

July 25th Mark Ridley’s Comedy Castle, 8pm $3.

Music by The Hate Noise.


6 Responses to “L@T Show #15 Gettin’ Some Friendly Ankle”

  1. Nicole M Says:

    Things have been busy lately, so I’m just getting a chance to catch up (one more to go!) What’s with Ron thinking we were lovers?

    And seriously, 16? Yikes. I haven’t been with 16 women. 😦

    I like it when Ron co-hosts- the sexual tension in the podcast is what really does it for me.

    • Thanks for listening. It’s more like 13 girls and 3 women.

      I’ll ask Ron why he slanders us if you explain “sexual tension”

      • Nicole M Says:

        Your banter is fantastic and fun to listen to- the old relationship between the two of you and comfort you have with each other. (Sadly, no real sexual tension between the two of you, although if there were, it probably wouldn’t live up to my fantasies.)

  2. Erik described us having an abusive relationship but I don’t feel hurt … hmm.
    Who else do you like of the other co-hosts?
    Your fantasies are WRONG.

    • Nicole M Says:

      My fantasies are very, very wrong. That’s half the thrill.

      I like that you change it up- I think the most frequent other thus far is Gulley and brother? The different dynamics that result are fun.

      Work has been driving me up a wall lately, so I’m glad to have your podcast to cut through the desire to throw my monitor out the window. (probably it would bounce and hit me.)

      • We recorded Ron’s answer to the lovers question for future release BUT I explained the whole situation Farand Fiasco in Episode 14

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