More Media Monkey Business

Sometimes media critics are IDIOTS!

Watch this and try to figure out the outrage:

… I’ll wait while you wonder or recover from the shock …

See it? Did you see that HORRIBLE racist imagery?!

Obviously, little Black girls that dream of doing gymnastics are like monkeys – OBVIOUSLY.

Forget that the ad for Animal Practice was programmed to air regardless of what event was being covered. Forget that the monkey is a boy character, wearing a male gymnast outfit and doing the rings – usually a male event.

Forget that Bob Costas would prefer having his ASS WHIPPED ON AIR rather than even hint at a racial comment related to Gabby Douglas.

“Gabby is as nimble as a little chimp!” THAT would be a racist gaffe. This coincidence ain’t news.

The real outrage: Crystal the Monkey is actually a female, but is shown doing a man’s event in drag – OBVIOUSLY this ad is SEXIST.


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