L@T Show #17 I’m REALLY VERY Sorry

Digg and Ron discuss why their friendship is FULL of HORRORS.

Topics: Whachugottasay: Ron explains his sex slander. Creepy Cosplay. Hypothetically Hilarious: Mitt Romney, The Olympics and a Hot Tub made for three. New Segment – Better Wife: Anne vs Julie, Kim vs Michelle & Hope vs Bruce. “And I ALMOST … KILLED you.”


Download: L@T Show #17 I’m REALLY VERY sorry

August 9th Angel Busque Egg Roll Invitational Lupus Benefit at O’mara’s Irish Pub $5 cover

Laughing @ Monday at The New Way Bar every Monday at 9:30.

Music by The Hate Noise.


4 Responses to “L@T Show #17 I’m REALLY VERY Sorry”

  1. Nicole M Says:

    Ah. Glad it’s just joking instead of some insistent misguided belief.

    Re: Nicole is sick- I’m very enthusiastic about the Vivid Superhero line. 🙂

    I think I could possibly agree with Erik about the abusive relationship angle, but I totally understand- there has been a time or two I’ve wanted to beat Ron a little bit. (But I’d totally stop if he used the safeword.)

    Seriously, Web on a party who are fighting Kenku assassins?

    • Nicole M Says:

      Oh, and that bit that was along the lines of me undervaluing/estimating myself? Eric keeps telling me that- hearing it from a completely unrelated source that isn’t conspiring with my husband against me is a little jarring.

  2. […] and Digg hash out their differences after the revelation in L@T #17 I’m REALLY VERY Sorry  that Digg can be a REAL ass. THEN – the tables are turned as Digg reveals Ron’s […]

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