L@T Show #18 I Was JUST Tryin’ to Make Ya Laff!

Matt Gulley and Digg discuss their weekly hardships, and Digg wins WORSE WEEK.

Topics: Self-Aware Roomba spoils Batman then considers suicide. The Trials of a Registered Sex-Haver. Comedy Break: Black Credit History. Using Comedy to Discomfort.


Download: L@T Show #18 I Was Just Tryin To Make Ya Laff

Plugs: Tuesday Aug. 14th at Izzy’s Bar & Grill, free show at 8:30.

Wednesday Aug. 15th: Gulley’s Debut at Mark Ridley’s Comedy Castle, 8pm $3.

Thursday Aug. 16th: Digg’s return to Ann Arbor Comedy Showcase, 8pm $5.

Laughing @ Monday at The New Way Bar every Monday at 9:30.

Music by The Hate Noise.


2 Responses to “L@T Show #18 I Was JUST Tryin’ to Make Ya Laff!”

  1. Nicole M Says:

    Rage at the devoured comment!

    Ahem- butterflies in the stomach from the use of “Sisyphean”
    I really loved the innuendo, because I am a deviant.

    And I do feel a little bad about not getting out to one of your shows yet, Loyd- I hope to do so sometime, although it really is hard- I work 11 hours most weekdays lately, and I’m also just a little socially anxious, so even when I get home before 8 PM, the idea of driving a couple of hours to go to a strange bar scares the shit out of me.

    • No worries I’ve got friends 2 miles away that don’t come. Building an audience is about gathering new friends not overburdening the most faithful ones.
      Every time you feel guilty just share the podcast 🙂

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