L@T Show #27 Confessions of an A-Hole

Ron and Digg hash out their differences after the revelation in L@T #17 I’m REALLY VERY Sorry  that Digg can be a REAL ass. THEN – the tables are turned as Digg reveals Ron’s bastardiness!


Download: L@T #27 Confessions of an A-Hole (right click Save As) or Subscribe on iTunes

Thursday Sept. 20th 9pm spot at The Detroit Pub THEN Comedy Night at O’mara’s Irish Pub @ 10

Monday Sept. 21st: Laughing @ Monday at New Way Bar, doors open 9pm

Music by The Hate Noise.


3 Responses to “L@T Show #27 Confessions of an A-Hole”

  1. Nicole Says:

    Yay! More Ron!

    ….and I have a REASON for thinking about male friends being intimate with each other- it turns me on. Which makes me wonder about Ron…

  2. Love this… This is my first time checking out L@T… But I am now subscribing… Keep up the funny sir…

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