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L@T #34 Muppet Money

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Digg and Kent Tucker call out the MOST wealthy 1% of puppets in their deluxe Sesame Street apartments in the sky.


Download:  L@T #34 Muppet Money (Right click “Save as”) or Subscribe on iTunes

Follow my friend Kent Tucker for details on his dates this week.

Laughing @ Monday at The New Way Bar every Monday at 9.

Music by The Hate Noise.


L@T Show #23 Sooo Conceited

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Digg is joined by Amit Jain to rant about conceited women.  OR, Digg and Amit conceitedly talk about women. Love is battlefield, both sides have victims.


Download: L@T Show #23 Sooo Conceited (Right click Save As) or Subscribe on iTunes

September 13th Comedy Night at O’mara’s Irish Pub

Laughing @ Monday at The New Way Bar every Monday at 9:30.

Music by The Hate Noise.

L@T Show #15 Gettin’ Some Friendly Ankle

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Ron teaches Digg the subtle art of enslaving yourself to women (not in the fun S&M way).


Download: L@T Show #15 Gettin Some Friendly Ankle

Topics: Belgium Prostitute-run Farms. Drunk off Chicken. Fruity Salad with Nuts. Foot Splintercourse. Hypothetically Hilarious: Super Sight vs. The Stupid Centipede (Tweet me your favorite). Comedy Break: “Dis Nigga”. Friend Dating = Fraiting.

August 9th Angel Busque Egg Roll Invitational Lupus Benefit at O’mara’s Irish Pub $5 cover

July 25th Mark Ridley’s Comedy Castle, 8pm $3.

Music by The Hate Noise.

L@T Show #14 Headbutt to the Teeth

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Ron and Digg find solutions to problems faced by many cowards.

Topics: Candy power. TALES of RACISM (new segment): Deafening minority sex. Bring your fake daughter to work podcast. Boss Tantrum. I’m NOT from the jungle! The First Annual “You’re a Pussy” Challenge.


Download: L@T Show #14 Headbutt to the Teeth

Laughing @ Monday at The New Way Bar every Monday at 9.

Music by The Hate Noise.

L@T Show #10 Brain Bullys

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From past casts, you already know that Digg and Ron are N-words – NERDS.

Topics: Ridiculously Awesome new intro. ABC-TV-Sitcoms-of-the-90’s-Geek. Nerd posing & Hipster Hate. Breaking Mormons. Fashionably Fake. Ghetto D&D Nostalgia. Trolls are Nerd Bullies.

Download –> L@T Show #10 Brain Bullys

Plugs: Ron’s Professional Showcase of Skill & Knowledge

May 24th Painted Lady 8pm, then O’Mara’s 10pm

May 26th Andrews on the Corner 9pm.

Music by The Hate Noise

L@T Show #7 We like Dumb Movies

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Digg and Ron disagree on movies too.

Feedback from a G+ Troll. Why watch horror movies unless you hate teenagers? What was wrong with G.I. Joe? What’s your favorite movie? Which movie have you seen the most? Why the difference? George Baily was a suicidal punk, Robin Williams played a real hero. Blazing Saddles and the Mel Brooks Paradox?

Download –> L@T Show #7 We Like Dumb Movies

Music by The Hate Noise

Listen to this episode, or the nigger GETS IT!


L@T Show #6 Actin’ Ass Actors

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Available in Stoic or Batshit Crazy.

Digg is joined by comic buddy Jeff Scheen to talk about famous people that get paid to pretend.

Download –> L@T #6 Actin’ Ass Actors

According to Jeff, Nick Cage is the white SAMUEL L. JACKSON? “Say ‘WHAT’ again!” Brooke Hogan was NOT even NOMINATED for Two-Headed Shark Attack?! Carmen Electra played a scientist. Jason Statham is STEALING roles from ugly Asians. The first L@T Hollywood MILF draft does NOT include her.

See us at Laughing at Them Comedy Night in Ferndale, MI.

Jeff is featured on the Hotel Hilarity show May 23rd in Holly, MI.

L@T Show #5 Work Worries

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Not as bad as HOT plastic, but close.

Samantha, Ron and Digg swap job HORROR stories and downers of the daily grind.

The best way to sell lotion is with HANDJOBS apparently. I’ve never had to do that. Its not in my job description, but sometimes I have to determine co-worker PREGNANCY.

Manufacturing is a MUTHAFUCKA. Ron’s box making is nothing compared to my time on the plastic plantation. Toys AREN’T your friend!

Ron preaches COMMUNISM as an entrepreneur. He’d rather work for gruel as a cobbler’s slave?

CRUSHIN’ co-workers and other pitfalls of the office romance. Customer service ain’t FLIRTIN‘!

Download Link –> L@T Show #5 Work Worries

“Let’s share stickies”

Give us feedback –> SendingLaughs@GMail.Com

Ron is into career development, so you can avoid jobs like these. Check out his site.

See me and Sam at the L@T Comedy Night Ferndale, Mi April 23 9pm.

Comedy at the Crofoot in Pontiac, Mi April 27 9pm.

Acoustics & Absurdity Show Detroit, Mi April 28 9pm.

Music on this show provided by The Hate Noise.

L@T Show #1 Paradise Pie

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Long time master debaters @Digg_Johnson and @Ron_Marshall riff about a crazy variety of topics:

The Walking Dead vs Gilligan’s Island. Dead TV Series. Miniature Fried Chicken. Poop Bench vs Shit Ottoman. Girl Talk

Download l@tpod1

Theme Song uses Snakez by The Hate Noise

Sit Down Comedy

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My comic compadre Jeff Scheen started this meme StandUpinYourRoom.

Comedy … I give a SHIT.

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