My Friends

Mike Bobbit is a touring Michigan comedian and sadly the most famous entertainer I know. He has a 3rd Degree Black Belt in Geekery, but a yellow belt in nerd – meaning his love of Sci-fi  comes from his ignorance of real science. His comedy blog is

Bobbit shows



Ron is my long time friend and intellectual enemy. He has the diet of a Black minstrel character from the 30’s. His marketing and consulting blog is

Ron shows.



Kent Tucker is an off the wall comic and regular in the southeast Michigan comedy scene. He is the Lisa Bonet of White men. His weird website is

Kent shows.





Amit Jain is our token jock. When not on stage, he teaches Jui-Jitsu to tipsy Blondes. His comedy can best be described as “Drunken-style Terrorism”.

Amit Shows




English geek and stand up freak, Matt Gulley tells the most clever dick jokes I’ve ever heard. Getting his references is a source of pride. If puns were motorcycles, he’d be a pro writer.

Gulley shows.




Samantha Rager is the official female expert of Laughing at Them. She is notorious for even laughing in people’s mouths. In this picture, Sam was startled by a river

Sam shows.


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